Yen-Ting’s paper is published in Advanced Science

Yen-Ting’s paper ‘Complex oxides under simulated electric field: Determinants of defect polarization in ABO3 perovskites’ was published. Read the paper here.

VV Group has our fall outing

VV Group went on our fall ‘outing’ this weekend. We baked cupcakes together, made some dubious-looking frosting flowers, and enjoyed our creations over a competitive game of foosball.

VV Group goes kayaking

VV Group went on our summer outing this weekend! We kayaked nine miles down the Concord River and ended the day with ice-cream then dinner (in that order).

Krystyn and Ming present at the Biomanufacturing @ MIT CBI Research Seminar

Krystyn and Ming gave a talk entitled ‘Growing the Cell Therapy Manufacturing Work Force: Virtual and Hands-on Upskilling’. You can learn more about the cell therapy manufacturing course we co-developed here. Thank you to CBI for the invitation to speak, and to all the collaborators who worked with us on this project.

SMART CAMP is featured on MIT News

MIT News published an article about SMART CAMP’s development of RApid DIgital Crispr Approach (RADICA) for quantifying nucleic acids. The technology can enable rapid detection of viral DNA/RNA in 40-60 minutes. You can read the full article here.

Anna is interviewed for MIT News

Anna was featured in MIT News’ 3 Questions. Read the full article here to learn about the group’s work on developing Artificial Axons for drug discovery.

Ming passes his Oral Qualifying Exam

Ming passed his Oral Qualifying Exam, administered through Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology. That makes two freshly minted PhD Candidates in VV Group this year!

VV Group has our first summer picnic

VV Group had the first of our weekly summer lunches together. Here’s a picture of our group, sporting our (new!) matching picnic blankets.

Cammie and Brandon receive a Lemelson-Vest Innovation Grant

Congratulations to Brandon and Cammie for receiving a Lemelson-Vest Innovation Grant. The grant will support Cammie and Brandon’s research in developing microcarriers for cell therapy manufacturing.

Anna gives a talk at IdeaStream 2021

Anna gave a talk at MIT Deshpande Center’s IdeaStream 2021. The talk was entitled ‘Artificial Axons: Biofidelic Drig Screening Platform for Neurological Diseases’. You can watch the full version here: