Principal Investigator

Krystyn Van Vliet

Professor, Vice President for Research & Innovation

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering

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Mail: Tata Innovation Center at Cornell Tech; 11 E Loop Rd, Room 215, New York, NY 10044

Lab Manager

Julia Dias

Laboratory Operations Manager

Julia received her B.S. in Psychology from Brigham Young University in 2023. Prior to joining the Van Vliet lab in March of 2024, she worked as a clinical research coordinator within the emergency department at Baylor College of Medicine. During her undergraduate studies, she also worked as a research assistant in a neuroscience lab at her university. Julia plans to pursue a medical degree with interests in neurology and psychiatry, among others.


Research Scientists

Anna Jagielska

Senior Research Scientist

Anna is interested in understanding the interplay between in vivo chemomechanical environment and stem cell differentiation, with an ultimate goal of improving stem cell based therapies. She is currently focused on the role of mechanical factors in neural stem cell differentiation and myelin repair in neurodegenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis. Anna’s past research fields include quantum chemistry (PhD), and computational biology and biophysics (postdoctoral).

Graduate Students

Mingyu Yang

PhD Candidate, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences & Technology

Ming’s research lies at the intersection of polymer engineering and neurobiology. His current work leverages additive manufacturing technologies to develop in vitro models of myelination. Ming is also passionate about democratizing STEM education, and he enjoys developing content for MIT’s open education / MOOC initiatives.

Brandon Krupczak

PhD Student, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences & Technology

Brandon is interested in the use of stem cells, tissue engineering, and genetic drug delivery for applications in regenerative medicine. His current research is focused on improving MSC characterization and culture conditions in order to streamline the pathway to clinical translation. When he grows up, Brandon wants to be a NASA Astronaut and apply his regenerative medicine research at the final frontier. Outside of lab, Brandon enjoys backpacking, woodworking, and photography.


Name Position in Group Last Known Affiliation
Jeremy M. Young ScM, Harvard School of Dental Medicine 2004 Private Practice
Anita Shukla NSF REU, Summer 2004 PhD Student, MIT ChemE
Patrick Barragan UROP, 2004 Undergraduate, MIT
Yemisi Afere NSF REU, Summer 2005 Technician, Johns Hopkins University
Irene Tobias DMSE UROP, Summer 2005 Graduate Student, UCSD
Kendall Werts DMSE UROP, Summer 2005
Doria Holbrook UROP, 2005 Undergraduate, MIT
Catherine Roberts NSF RET, Summer 2005 Somerville High School
Esther Yu NSF REU, Summer 2005
Mitsuo Notomi Visiting Scientist, 2005-2006 Meiji University, Japan
Binu Oommen MS Student, 2004-2006 Bose
Ted Feldman NSF REU, Summer 2006
Georgios Constantinides Postdoctoral Associate, 2006-2007 University of Cyprus
Tim Lau MS Student, 2005-2007 Simpson Thacher & Bartlett
Jack Milwid MS Student, 2005-2007 Third Rock Ventures
Dessy (Nikova) Long Postdoctoral Associate, 2006-2007 VA Boston Healthcare System
Catherine Tweedie PhD Student, 2004-2007 Artist, Leap Metal
Emilio Silva PhD Student, 2004-2007  Petrobras
M. Todd Thompson PhD Student, 2004-2008
Christopher Bruce DMSE Senior Thesis, 2008 Boston Consulting Group
James Dahlman CMSE REU, Summer 2008 PhD Student, HST
Wing Yee Lau NSF REU, Summer 2008
John Oliverio Summer Researcher, 2008
Joan Mao MS Student, 2006-2009
Sunyoung Lee PhD Student, 2003-2009
Kyle Bryson NSF REU, Summer 2009 PhD Student, University of Massachusetts (Amherst)
Ran Li NSF REU, Summer 2009
Sezen Buell PhD Student, 2004-2010
Jennifer DeBerardinis NSF REU (BE), 2010 Universities of Sydney and Melbourne
Juan F. Rodriguez NSF REU (CMSE), 2010
Karen Stewart Postdoctoral Associate, 2008-2010 GVD Corporation
Emily B. Walton PhD Candidate, 2006-2011
Qing (Kitty) Ji Postdoctoral Associate, 2009-2011 Chief Scientist of HPC Application and Marketing Manager, INSPUR (China)
Fei Deng Postdoctoral Associate, 2009-2011 Interpretation Development Engineer, Schlumberger
Mukul Kabir Postdoctoral Associate, 2007-2011 Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (India)
Meng Qu Postdoctoral Associate, 2008-2011 Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Jon Estrada UROP (MSE), 2011 Graduate Student, Brown University
Eva Cheung UROP (ChemE), 2011 Sr. Research Associate, Gilead Sciences
Ben Hinton NSF REU (BE), Summer 2011 Undergraduate, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Jacob Wagner NSF REU (CMSE), Summer 2011 Undergraduate, Case Western Reserve University
Eric Lehnhardt NSF REU (BE), Summer 2011 Undergraduate, Arizona State University
John Maloney MEng Student, 2005-2006; PhD student, 2006-2012 Research Scientist, Van Vliet Group
Romain Grossier Postdoctoral Associate, 2010-2012 Researcher, CINaM-7325 CNRS (France)
Abdul Salam Thelakkadan Postdoctoral Associate, 2010-2012 Scientist, SABIC (Saudi Arabia)
Ranjani K. Paradise PhD Student, 2006-2012 Research Associate, Institute for Community Health
Ilke Kalcioglu PhD Student, 2006-2012 Technologist, Gore
Remi Jolibois Quinot MEng Student, 2010-2012 Analyst, Summer Street Research Partners
Lucy Lee UROP (Wellesley), Summer 2012 Undergraduate, Wellesley College
Deepak Jagannathan MS Student, 2010-2012 Entrepreneurial Fellow, Flagship Ventures
Roza Mahmoodian Postdoctoral Associate, 2011-2013 Parker Group, Wyss Institute, Harvard University
Irene Chou Chen PhD Student, 2008-2013 Research Scientist, Gilead Sciences
Adam Zeiger NSF REU, Summer 2006; PhD Student, 2008-2013 Technology Specialist, Wolf Greenfield
Chia-Hua Lee PhD Student, 2008-2014 Research Engineer, Unilever
Kwan Li MS Student, 2011-2014
Aarthy Adityan MS Student, 2011-2014
Will Herbert PhD Student, 2010-2014
Nishtha Singh Postdoctoral Associate, SMART CAMP
Naresh Gnanasegaran Postodoctoral Associate, SMART CAMP
Yie Hou Lee Scientific Director, SMART CAMP
Bala Narayanan Senior Program Manager, SMART CAMP