Chemomechanics at the cell-material interface

We explore the mechanisms by which the mechanical and biochemical properties of extracellular microenvironments modulate biological processes. We seek to leverage these mechanisms to improve upon cell therapy manufacturing.

Chemomechanics of complex gels

We explore chemomechanics in synthetic gels that either interface with biological cells, and thus serve as a tool to modulate cell environments; or are not intended as biomaterials, but serve as excellent physical models of such complex biopolymers.

Chemomechanics of nanocomposite interfaces

We develop new computational models and experiments to characterize the chemomechanical evolution of nanoscale interphases in engineered materials.


Ee Xien’s microcarrier paper is highlighted in MIT News.

Ee Xien's recent paper about gelatin-based microcarriers was…

Krystyn moderates a panel at the MIT Climate Symposia.

Krystyn moderated a panel ("MIT's low carbon campus and test…

Ee Xien’s paper is published in Biotechnology Journal.

Ee Xien's paper, entitled 'Dissolvable gelatin-based microcarriers…

Welcome to rotation student Itay.

We are delighted to have another rotation student joining our…

Welcome to rotation students Catherine, Xining, and Brandon.

We are delighted to welcome three rotation students to our group…

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We will be accepting new graduate students and postdoctoral researchers for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Admitted students who are interested in joining the group should reach out to Prof. Krystyn Van Vliet.

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