Group Meetings are held on Zoom every Monday from 5:00pm-6:30pm EST.

Meetings take place over Zoom. Please contact Kathy Simmons for the Zoom link.

DateTitleMain presenter [2-minute updates]
02/22/2021Engineering Artificial AxonsAnna [Yen-Ting, Cammie]
03/01/2021Characterization of microcarrier properties and MSC response in cultureCammie [Brandon, Itay, Vanessa]
03/08/2021No Meeting: Student HolidayN/A
03/15/2021Utilizing pharmacokinetics of mechanically primed MSCs for improved pharmacodynamic response via engineered paracrine signalingBrandon [Anna, Ming]
03/22/2021No Meeting: Student HolidayN/A
03/29/2021Engineered in vitro models of demyelinating diseases Ming [Yen-Ting, Cammie]
04/05/2021TBDKJVV [Vanessa, Brandon, Itay]
04/12/2021Identification of critical quality attributes for cell therapy manufacturingKJVV [Anna, Ming]
04/19/2021No Meeting: Patriot’s DayN/A
04/26/2021Oligodendrocyte progenitor cells​ migration and oligodendrocyte​ myelination under acidic conditionsItay [Yen-Ting, Cammie]
05/03/2021Engineered in vitro models of demyelinating diseases [Mock Qualifying Exam]Ming [Brandon, Itay, Vanessa]
05/10/2021Dynamic approach of quantifying strain effects on ionic and electronic defects in functional oxidesYen-Ting [Anna, Ming]
05/17/2021TBDKJVV [Yen-Ting, Cammie]
05/24/2021TBD[Itay, Vanessa]
05/31/2021No Meeting: Memorial Day