Spring 2018 Meeting Schedule

Group meetings for the Spring 2018 semester will take place on Mondays from 5 PM – 6:30 PM in the Chipman Room (6-104), unless otherwise noted.



Date Title Presenter (Ind’l update group)
2/12/2018 Mechanical modulation of indirect repair mechanisms for improved hematopoietic recovery Frances Liu (CPC)
2/26/2018 A time lapse analysis of the advancement of intracolony heterogeneity in mesenchymal stem cell cultures Deena Rennerfeldt (CMM)
3/5/2018 Electrolyte fracture in solid-state lithium-metal batteries Frank McGrogan (CMI)
3/12/2018 Strain effect on nuclear dynamics and differentiation in oligodendrocytes Anna Jagielska (CPC)
3/19/2018 Novel methods for measuring viscoelastic properties of compliant materials via impact indentation Alex Mijailovic (CMM)
3/26/2018 No meeting N/A
4/2/2018 Mechanoresponsive and damage-tolerant material design Shilpa Raja (CMI)
4/9/2018 Engineering in vitro tools for myelinogenic drug discovery Daniela Espinosa-Hoyos (CPC)
4/16/2018 No meeting N/A
4/23/2018 Electric field effect on oxygen vacancy in SrTiO3 Yen-Ting Chi (CMM)
4/30/2018 Mechanical characterization of brain tissue and synthetic gels with tunable energy dissipation  Bo Qing (CMI)
5/7/2018 ECS practice talks N/A
5/14/2018 No meeting N/A
5/21/2018 Surprisingly high compliance, high softness, and viscoelastic recovery in key solid state ceramic battery electrolytes  Shilpa Raja (CPC)
Cell-Materials Interfaces Subgroup (CMI) Complex Polymers and Composites Subgroup (CPC) Chemomechanical Models (CMM)
Anna, Deena Alex, Bo, Daniela Frank, Yen-Ting, Shilpa